We monitor every step of the growing, harvesting and distribution process, so as to guarantee the natural goodness and quality of the product.

Having been involved in the agrifood sector since 1930, the Roncon family stepped up its activity significantly in 1965.
In 1991, the year when organic production was first regulated in Europe under EC directive 2092/91 — now superseded by EC 834/2007 — Massimo and Monica, son and daughter of Pietro Roncon, sensed that the way forward must lie in renewed care for people and for the environment: accordingly, they decided to abandon all interest in conventional chemical
agriculture and set up Agricola Grains.

Thanks to their enthusiasm and dedication, the company has now become an established international name in the harvesting and marketing of organic cereals, and as a technical adviser employing expert staff and using the services of outside consultants. 

A reality that operates in compliance with the most scrupulous international certifications.

Our company exports quality Italian organic grain products worldwide, supplying selected raw materials for animal feed and human consumption.
Collaborating closely with trusted Italian farmers, we can oversee the cultivation of crops from seeding to harvest, supplying organic seeds directly to growers and ensuring 100% traceability along the agrifood chain.

Our work is based on procedures of key importance: the meticulous analysis of incoming and outgoing materials, the use of hi-tech machinery for drying, toasting, extruding and pressing processes, and storage in certified warehouses and silos.

Prompt deliveries, quality products and care for the environment are central to our corporate code of conduct. This natural diligence is underpinned by a professional approach that reflects twenty years experience, working closely with both producers and end customers.

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